Angus McTuff

Our beloved Westie mix, Gus, left us just before Christmas…a few months short of his 17th birthday.

We rescued him from the shelter and from the moment he came into our lives; he brought joy and love. Although certainly not a classic looking dog, his personality shined through and captivated everyone who happened to see him.. He was enthusiastic, energetic, curious and loyal. Even when we took him on our annual camping trip, he’d “count heads” to make sure we were all there and if not, would station himself to wait for the missing person.

We took many walks together and that friendship helped me through some tough emotional times. He was always there, waiting for me after work and I miss him terribly every single day.

I never though a little white dog would worm himself into my heart; but he did and I’m eternally grafeful for that experience.

Roger from CA