Angel and Daisy

I lost two of my best friends in the last seven months Mother and daugher labs Their names were Angel and Daisy. I just purchased your book thinking it will help me go on I can only read a few pages at a time for it breaks my heart even more just because you are writing every thing I feel and most people dont understand. I miss my dogs terribly.

Daisy was only eight she had cancer in her leg we had her leg removed but within ayear the cancer got her her mom Angel was thirteen and she really went down hill after we lost Daisy. She had strokes and we put her down . It was six months apart that I lost two loves of my life.

Though I am lucky I have a husband that loves me and loved the dogs. I dont think he understands the heartache and just going on everyday without them I miss them terribly. I have two wonderful children and two grandchildren who mean everything to me . But so did my dogs. I do have Lily a two year lab who loves us and we love her but what a difference coming home missing a big part of the family.


Deborah from NY

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  1. Patricia Says:

    We lost our beloved Gus just before Christmas and very close to his 17th birthday. We rescued him from the local shelter and from the moment we saw each other…it was total connection, mind and heart.
    Gus was a Westie/Lasa mix; certainly not a looker but with personality plus, and smart as could be. The most enchancing thing about Gus was his enthusiasm and self confidence.

    He accompanied us everywhere, fighting with me for the front passenger seat, but finally resigning himself that he had to share. We had to share also, our food, the couch, our bed, our RV, and most importantly, our hearts.

    He wormed his way into a corner of our hearts and will be there forever….our dear Angus “McTuff” (cause he thought he was).