I also adopted an older than I thought dog from a shelter in NJ. If can believe in “love at first sight” my husband and Amanda (he named her) fell madly in love. She gave us her last five years. I only gave her the “shot” on 2/8/08 so when I saw your book I had to buy it. I may not agree with you politically but I do love you for your devotion to dogs. I am writing this because I know you have much more power with the media and a much larger inforamtion base than I could ever wish for. I am Jewish but I have always felt that dogs are watched over by all religions. I bought St Francis medals for them. My two dogs BOTH died cancer in the throat. So did my daughter’s dog. I went to buy new medals for my daughter’s dog and for my remaining dog. I was crying and I dropped the medals-On the back in bold letters it stated that the pewter causes cancer and reproductive problems. I was shocked. Is this the cause of all threes cancer. Why is it on the market? I alerted Petsmart and she said that she was going to e-mail the coporate office. 1. I don’t believe her. 2. how many well meaning owners are slowly killing their dogs. Please tell you listeners about this. Maybe Amanda was just God’s way of warning other owners. Thank you for your time. I plan to read the book tonight. I will write and tell what I thought of it. I will probably love it.

Rose from PA