Zenna, Baylee, Annie

I lost my Shar Pei “Zenna” to cancer (Mast Cell Tumors)December 3rd 2007 three days before she was to turn Three years old, she was such a good puppy and a special dog she left behind her pal and Sister “Baylee”. Baylee was rescued from a “druggie” who I met while I was visiting my Mom with my Dog “Annie” my nine year old Shr Pei. A Neghiborhood girl “druggie” was walking by and saw me and my dog Annie and said “My Boyfriend gave me a puppy that looks just like your Dog” she then went home to get it and brought it to me and that is where I first saw the cutest puppy.

Another Neghibor told me that a group of “Thugs” that hang around with this girl tried to kill the puppy and blow Marijuana in its face, after hearing that I offered her fifty dollars for the puppy, she declined the offer saying that her boyfriend gave her the dog and she couldn’t sell it. I drove home thinking about that poor little doggie and wondered how I could get it away from that group who named her “Mary Jane”.

A week later I recieved a call from my Mom telling me that “Maria” was at the door with the puppy asking her to call me and tell me that I can have the puppy for fifty dollars, I drove over to my Moms house and met the girl, gave her the fifty dollars and brought home my little Baylee, I named her “Bailey” because I “Bailed her out of a drug house” but I changed the spelling to read “Baylee”.

A week after I brought Baylee home Annie was diagnosed with cancer through out her body and I was told by a specialist that there was nothing I can do since the cancer was wide spread, three weeks to the day that Baylee came into my life I had to put Annie down, I was so lost and caried for my Annie every day for six months, Baylee who resembles Annie in so many ways I think the man upstairs arranged the meeting between Baylee and I not only to protect Baylee from abuse but to comfort me in what was in the future on losing Annie.

Baylee is now three years old and she is all I ever wanted in a dog and even though I lost Zenna this past year I know that some where down the line my path will lead me to another doggie in my life and like Mark Levin says in his book I feel that I am not ready to get another Doggie as their passing is so hard and painful that I will enjoy Baylee solo for a while.

My Best to all Dog Lovers out there,

Lee from CA