Zeke, Zack

My daughter asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year. My wants aren’t much anymore and I don’t want her spending alot on me. So I told her about Rescuing Sprite. She gave it to me and I thought I could have it read in a day. It took a week! It was so enjoyable and truely brought back memories of my last Irish Setter, Zeke, especially.. I am such a fan of adopting out of shelters and the fact that part of the proceeds will go to shelters was great.

In 1994 I got 2 Irish Setters, Zeke and Zack. Zack delveloped seizures and and had to be put down at age 7. The vet would not let me be with him and I have never forgot that. Zeke lived 6 more years and was a constant companion of mine. This time the vet that was caring for him told me when it was time to put him to sleep. He had arthritus and pancreatitus. His organs were failing and his quality of life had gone. He let us keep him in the SUV came out to the car to put his life to rest. I held him in my arms. The vet turned around after it was done and was crying also. I have never felt the pain that I did that day. BUt I was thankful to be able to hold him during his last seconds. That is why the last part of the book was so hard to get through, but I needed to read it. I too got a new puppy, after vowing to never have any more dogs again. Thank you Mark for a great book and I wsh you luck with Pepsi and Griffen.

Kathy from CO