Zach and my Siberian Husky

Dear Mark:
I would never try to place my story or grief over any others’.
All of us who have shared the special love of a furry friend love and grieve in our own way.
I have loved and lost many pets. I guess the ones that hurt me the most have been as an adult.
I lost my beloved Siberian Husky when she was 16. I got her when I was 19, she died when I was 35…the longest relationship of my life! She was so old and so tired and she was ready. She died in my arms of natural causes.

I then lost, Zach, my Boarder Collie. He died very unexpectatly at age 12 .

Now I have 5 dogs, 4 cats and 3 parrots ( I never had children!) My Australian Sheppard and one of my labs are getting older…my Aussie is 11. Your book and your story have given me a new focus on my loved ones.
Thank you for for you profound and kind story. I hope it has helped me and those I have given your book to to be better companions to our pets and better people.


Terri from MS