I truly enjoyed your story of Sprite. I need to say that it’s ironic that I picked up your book in the airport, having looked at my 5 year old mixed breed (who I got from a rescue in CA) a week or so earlier and realizing that she’d one day break my heart. Winnie and I have been through a lot and she’s here with me as I type this e-mail.

I had no idea who you were or anything of the story of Sprite until that day I picked up your book in the airport. You need to know that a grown man was teary eyed the entire way home to visit my family. It made me think of how lucky I am to have my dog–she’s involved with every part of my life. My girlfriend of 2 years, who was never a “dog person” absolutely adores the dog and agrees that life is much better with Winnie than without her. As you can see from the picture, Winnie loves everyone, including the cat!

Winnie is 5 years old, I hope she’s with me at least another 8 years…..I tell her that she’s under contract for a full 12 years minimum and then her time is her own after that!

I’ve always known how important my animals are to me and hate losing them. We all do. To everyone out there that’s lost their pet, I hope your grief eases. And for the rest of us who still have our pets with us, we need to give them a little more love each day since we won’t get a second chance when they are gone.

Best wishes to all in 2008!

Paul from TN