I have a Bichon Frise named Toby and he is 15 years old and he is very special to my wife and I.
She had a co-worker that had the puppies and my wife wanted one so bad but we lived in a condo at the time and thought it would not be a good place for a dog. Her parents had always had dogs and they had lost their Maxie that was a Dachshound about a year before and she had her friend take a pup over to their house knowing they would fall in love with it. They did.

Her dad had a bad leg and that didn’t keep him from walking Toby 2 times a day. He loved that dog but he passed away 8 years ago and her mom could not take care of him so we took him and now it has been 5 years since she has passed. So Toby has special meaning to the both of us. He is my first dog and I always wanted one but I had bad asthma when young and could not have one. Toby does not hear much these days but we are still able to communicate with signals and looks and he still gets excited when it is time for his walks and runs around and barks very loud like a 50# dog not the 20 pounder that he is.

Mark from CA