Tiffany, Amber, Samantha, and Izzy

Hi, just finished reading your book Rescuing Sprite. My mother in law bought this book for my husband and myself for a Christmas present. To be honest, it was the best present because we needed it to help cope with our losses.We are still grieving the loss of our 2 16 y/o poodles that we had to put down on Feb. 19th, 2007.

Tiffany our white minature poodle was suffering from a brain tumor, seizures and tainted dog food from China. Samantha our black silver toy poodle suffered and deteriorated quickly because of the tainted dog food from China. Amber our 15 year old apricot miniature poodle still is living but slowing down. After Tiffany and Samantha died almost 2 months later we brought home a toy white poodle named Izzy, who is now 8 months old. Amber and Izzy are learning to get along.

Thank you for articulating your life with the dogs and your feelings you shared., Only dog lovers/owners knows how hard it is to love and grieve the loss of your beloved pets. With much sympathy and understanding… may we all find solice, peace and comfort in our shared dog loving journeys.

Sue from IL