Taylor Lucille Lady of Deerfield

Dear Mark,

I write this letter knowing that you and other readers will understand my pain from my recent loss.
Lucy or as the akc knows her “Taylor Lucille Lady of Deerfield” lost her battle with Lymphoma one week ago today.A local Vet came to our home and peacefully helped her to end her misery.Most of the family was there and we held her and kissed her. As usual she responded with kisses and tail wags as best she could in her weakened condition.

Lucy was a big yellow Lab 12and a half years old and my very best friend in the world.At the time Marks book came out I listened to callers thank him for putting their feelings into words,and there next to me in my truck was my girl Lucy always with me always faithful.

How do you describe a life that includes raising a family with kids dressing Lucy up for Halloween or her having her own stocking on the mantle at Christmas.Or my kids taking her duck hunting and watch her retrieve all the decoys because she thought she was helping.She worked with me every day of my life operating a crane even when she was weak I would lift her into the machine.On hot days she would scratch in the cool dirt for a place to lie down.What will I do now without her?I don’t know.I know there will never be another,no dog could ever chase away monsters from the deer camp deep in the woods like Lucy with her hair all up,just protecting us I guess.

I know all you readers understand and Mark especially, I don’t know when the pain will subside.I do know that she is in peace now and she didn’t deserve the pain of that illness.I will love you forever and always remember you.
Bless you Mark for allowing this space to share my Lucy with you and all your readers.
Thank You,

John D Parry