My Fiance and I started our search for a dog about 3 days before we got Tank. We had visited 2 Animal Shelters on Long Island before trying North Shore AL and once I saw him I knew he was the one.

When I first saw Tank he was in a cage (cell?) with another dog which told me that he’s a dog friendly pit and I know they are typically people friendly so I asked to see him. As I’m following the NSAL Volunteer to an open area to see him I noticed he was missing his back leg although it didn’t slow him down at all.

The story as NSAL has told it was that he was adopted out of there as a puppy and brought back to them after being hit by a car which is why they had to amputate one of his rear legs. I decided that the dog didn’t seem to mind that his leg was missing so why should we.

After spending an hour with Tank in the open area we decided to adopt him. I didn’t know that adopting him would bring 3 Volunteers there to tears and they even gave us a very generous gift basket with toys and supplies inside.
We have had Tank now for about 4 months now and he’s been great. I only wish I had a larger yard for him to run more often.

Tank is an American Pit mix and a little over a year old.

Kevin from NY


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  1. faye lawrence Says:

    This is a wonderful dog story

    and His Face just grabs your heart..
    thanks for sharing