Tabitha & Kitty, Susie

Dear Mark,

Just read your book about Sprite and it felt like I was there with you until his passing. A GREAT book. I felt the same way again since our bog passed away two years ago. Her name was Tabitha and we had her for 15.5 years before we put her to sleep.

She was suffering from arthritis in the hips and mini strokes. At the end she couldn’t even walk down the stairs to the yard and couldn’t keep her bowels regular. She had alot of fatty tissues around her whole body and she was going into renal failure so we had to do the humane thing.

A few months later we had to put our cat Kitty down also due to renal failure and weight loss.
We keep them both on our shelf in our bedroom. We have another dog Susie who is almost blind and deaf and she is also 15.5 years old and we will put her down soon but am not looking forward to it.

I will know for sure that when I die then Tabitha and Kitty will be waiting for me in Heaven playing with your dog Sprite.

God bless you.


Leonard from TN