Swish was an Old English SheepDog. I earned the $700.00 for her purchase myself when I was 14 years old. She was my best friend for 11 years. She saved me from a burglar, found water for us on a hunting trip, and waited by my window when I was away on my naval deployment. She passed away during surgery for mammary gland cancer. It was the first time I ever saw my Dad cry. She was truly one of us. I had thought about writing a book about Swish. She was so gorgeous with her all white head and a large white hook across her grayish back. I miss her to this day and hope God has her for me when I enter the Kingdom of God. I haven’t been the same since. She was, “My Swishy Bub!”


I read your book…I cried again. I’m a grown 53 year old man with a double doctorate…I wear Swish on my heart every minute and will die with her memory enmeshed in my soul. I hear her voice and feel her warmth. Call me crazy, just plain nuts (JPN), or overemotional; what the heck, I’m a therapist. Some things we NEVER get over. We often live with a controlled insanity. Thanks for EVERYTHING Mark…especially, your heart for LOVE and LIFE. Lord Bless you my friend…we’d be great friends if we ever met.


Mark from FL