Sprite & Pepsi, WeBit & Thunder


I just finished your book and it was great! What drew me to your book was your two dogs’ names Pepsi and Sprite. My Sprite was born on June the 2nd 1998 and his mother’s name was Pepsi. We were living in IL at the time and had just lost a wonderful dog by the name of WeBit. My other dog Thunder was lonely for her friend so we find a dog in the want ads. When we went to visit we fell in love with this cute puppy that was more white than yellow and my two sons decided that we should name him Sprite.

My Sprite just died this morning at 0410. He had Lymphoma/Leukemia. He was diagnosed with this disease in early October. We took him to a Cancer vet in Seattle where he was treated and his life was extended until today. Because we knew this was coming we picked up a puppy so that our other dog, Scamp, would not be terribly. Scamp has lived with Sprite since he was five weeks old and we wanted him to have a buddy when Sprite finally left. We saw what happen to Sprite we Thunder died in Dec 2000 after being hit by a car. Sprite went from being a two year old puppy and lost interest in chasing and retrieving balls and not wanting to stay outside for long periods of time like he had as a younger dog. I am sure Scamp will ultimately be affected by the loss of Sprite, but he has come to accept Loki as part of the pack and hopefully he will stay himself.

I guess that’s it for now I have had many dogs over the past 31 years. They have all been characters with their own personality. I have had the make the decision twice to put dogs down and twice we lost dogs tragically. While we knew Sprite’s days were numbered, yesterday when we went to bed I thought I would being making that tough decision today. God was kind to us all and took him in his sleep.

Ron from WA