Smokey, Mraz, Coconut, Orko

Mark, thank you for sharing your story of Sprite. I have listened to both Sean and Rush in the past but had not listened to your show (my radio in my car barely picks up any stations). My brother and his wife know of my love for animals and rescuing them. They gave me your book for Christmas and I could relate so much to everything you talked about.

A few years ago I lost my lifetime pet (a cat named Smokey) while I was at college. I had grown up with him from the time I was 3 until I was about 21 when he died. I thought I could never open my heart to the pain (or joy) again because how much it hurt. I was embarrassed to tell people I was so depressed over “just a cat.” So many people did not understand, but now through your book I know there are many who do.

At the time that Smokey passed I was away at school. I actually took time away from class to go home and be with family. It was more painful for me than the other deaths in the family distant relatives and such and honestly in my case more painful than the death of my grandma. Not to degrade my relationship with her, but at least we were able to talk and tell her that it was ok to go and we knew she understood. For animals we can only guess as to their pain or understanding. It makes it so much more difficult. When I returned to school there was a cat that would go between apartments, Watson, and he truly helped me see I could open my heart to another animal without feeling I was replacing my Smokey. Pets were not allowed at our apartments, but I believe God had put Watson there that year for a reason. He was a free spirit, never hung around too long, but Watson really grew on me and after Smokey passed I noticed Watson would stick around longer and I even bought toys to play with him.

Years passed and when I graduated from college I looked for an apartment where both cats and dogs were welcome. I had grown up with a cat and knew I loved them, but I felt that I wanted the companionship of a dog that was active and enjoy walks. I found the right apartment and immediately signed up with an application to the Westie Rescue in Michigan. Months passed and I had not heard back, but I had my heart set on a Westie. I decided to adopt a kitten from another rescue (a risk considering many Westies don’t like cats) and I adopted a kitten named “Sylvester,” which I re-named to Mraz on July 27, 2005. He was a sweet playful kitten and was afraid of nothing and knew no evil. Even though he was in a rescue it was from birth and he knew no harm.

About 3 months later the call came from the rescue. They had a Westie named Chloe that they felt was a good match. She came from a home with a toddler where things were not going well between the baby and the dog. They did a home visit that same day and I adopted her the next. It was Oct 2, 2005. I also renamed Chloe to Coconut. It seemed a more fitting name and I feel my pets should have names I would never be able to give a kid :) Mraz and Coconut hit it off. Mraz was still very young and wanted so much for Coconut to play with him. She mostly just ignored him and wanted her people attention. She was a devoted pup and still very young (in my mind) at about 5 years old.

The next summer came and we were approaching Mraz’s adoption b-day of July 27 and I got to thinking that the house wasn’t “quite” full yet as Mraz really needed a playmate and well Coconut had already decided she wasn’t it! I hopped onto petfinder again and found the latest member of the family. His name there was Fritz, but he became Orko and he was adopted exactly 1 year after Mraz’s adoption day on July 27, 2006. So here I am writing to you 12/28/07. All 3 of my furbabies are in excellent health and I pray it to be so for many years to come although we never have the ultimate say in the schedule of the lives of our pets and even if given 50 years with them I would ask why only 50? I love them dearly and they are truly family.

I want to thank you for sharing your story so that others can cope with their grief. I wish a similar book would have been written back when my beloved Smokey died as I felt noone understood my pain. I commend you for helping shelters and rescues. All of my pets have been rescued and they are truly a gift. Even if their lives with you are shorter since they are older I think they appreciate every moment so much more. They know what rescuers have done from them and you will see it in their eyes and tail wags. Many blessings to you, Kendall, Chase, Lauren, Pepsi, Griffen and Sprite at the rainbow bridge. Since I can only upload 1 picture, I am including my dog Coconut in spirit of the dog related page even though Orko just jumped on the bed to purr on my shoulder. He’s always trying to be the center of attention :)

Marianne from MI


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