Smokey and Honey Girl, Midas

I just finished reading Rescuing Sprite and cried most of the way through it because I have lived with the pain of pet loss three times and currently have two Labs.

My first Lab was a gift while I was in the Navy. He lived with me 14 years until he died from Bone and Cartilage Cancer. God did’t let him die in his sleep, I had to put him to sleep when he could no longer eat and was in so much pain that even petting him hurt him. I got him the best of care, even going to the Univ. of PA Vet School but there was nothing to be done for him.


My heart still breaks and I still cry over his loss when I think of him. He died in 1992. My second was a rescue who had been left on the streets to starve to death as a puppy. She came when Smokey (the first one) was 9-1/2 years old. I got her from the Humane Society when she was 6 months old – emaciated and so ill that my Vet was sure she would die within the week – she lived with me and cuddled in bed with me for 11-1/2 more years.

Her name was Honey Girl because she was so sweet. She went so quickly with a rapidly progressing paralysis over 3 days. She was in the office with me daily and my patients felt her loss almost as much as I did. My third was also a resuce but had been so abused that he had a very mean streak and had to be put down when he bit me as I was caring for him. My current ones are also rescues and the younger one, now 6 years old, is also in my office with me daily. I am a Family Physician and see all ages of patients. Sometimes I think the patients come to have time with Abby almost as much as to see me. Abby was left in an apartment without food and water for a week when she was 8 weeks old. I am the third owner for the older dog who stays at home. He also had a rough start in life and the second owners trained him but decided he was too much to care for after having him for 3 years. He is a Yellow Lab named Midas. The others were or are Black Labs. My husband, like you, didn’t want dogs but I had two when he married me and he now realizes that we will always have at least one.
Remember: There are only two sources of unconditional love in this world – God and a Dog and Dog is God spelled backwards.

Sorry, I have no photos but I have not learned how to put my pictures on a computer yet.


Elizabeth from PA