Dear Mark,
I didn’t feel like I would be writing this at this time. We just lost our beloved cat, Scooter, last night. I found him this morning. I brought him home and wrapped him in his blanket. I walked in circles around the house a good part of the morning. I Held him for a good part of this morning, then laid him on the couch, kind of avoiding what I knew needed done.


I grabbed a box out of the closet, but I just couldn’t put him in a box. I went to Wal-Mart to find something to put him in with enough room for his blanket and his toys he got for Christmas. The feelings got tougher to deal with looking for something to lay him to rest in. He wasn’t quite a year old. I haven’t owned an animal since I lived at home with my parents, and that’s been 20+ years.


I wasn’t looking for one, but he adopted us. He came to me on the back deck as a stray, he thought I hung I hung the moon and the stars, and I never was a cat person. I kept waiting for him to run down the hall today to see what I’m doing. We just buried him an hour ago. I was waiting for my girlfriend to get home so we could do it together. I’m familiar with your book. I may wait a bit before I pick one up to read when I’m ready. He was a good cat. My eyes are still wet as I type. I wanted to send this to you, I hope it will make me feel better tomorrow. You would have liked him. If he was able to, I’m sure he would have voted Republican.

Thanks Mark! I guess this is my start of the healing process. I’m gl;ad you had this venue, because I couldn’t have called your show, because I think I would have cried out loud. I know you’re a conpassionate man towards animals.
Thanks so much,


Steven from TX