I just read Resuing Sprite yesterday and it really hit home to me in more ways than one. We resuced our dog Sandi back in 1995 and she was the most beatiful dog we had ever seen. From what we could tell it looked like she had been abused by the man from her prior household but she turned around pretty quickly. We were lucky to have for 11 years but last year she starting suffering with problems with her hips.


We brought her to the vet and we ended up putting her on riimadayl. It work for a while but in the end of November of 2006 it seemed like it was not working anymore. She had a hard time getting up from a lying position and she had trouble going up and down stairs. It got to the point where my husband had to bring her outside and hold her up so she could go to the bathroom. We tried other medication along with some pretty strong pain medication but nothing seemed to be working. I was also dreading the day when we would have to make the decision that we were now facing but looking at Sandi and seeing the pain she was in I knew we had no choice. The vet pretty much said that there was nothing else we could do but keep her comfortable with the pain medication but that was not the way I wanted to see Sandi the last years of her life. That was not her.


So we made our decision on December 3, 2006 that we would have her put to sleep the following day. We got her something special for dinner that Sunday night and I got up a made the hardest phone call I ever had to make in my life. Sandi never liked the vet and I did not want the last moments of her life at a place she was afraid of. The vet came to our house and as did Mark and his wife we put Sandi in her special spot for when the time came. That was and still is the worst day of my life. Sandi was my baby and not a day goes by that I do not think of her and wish there was something more we could of done to keep her alive. Sandi was put to sleep 3 days before Sprite at about the same time. My heart goes out Mark and his family. I know exactly how they feel.


Linda from VT