Mark, thank you so much for your book,”Rescuing Sprite”.My wife and I are members of Foothills Golden Retriever Rescue in Greenville,S.C. and have been blessed having owned rescued goldens.2007 has been a hard year for us.In June , Samson 14 1/2 years old died and on 12/24/07 Missy 16 years old was put to sleep.I had picked out your book for a Christmas present for my wife not knowing Missy would die Christmas Eve.

Samson came to us when he was 10 years old,he was an owner release and was one gentle soul.Missy had been tied in a basement for 12 years and came to us when she was 14.Missy was a pleasure and a very unique dog.In the picture Missy (with garland around her neck) is in front of the sleigh and Samson wearig a cap is sitting in the sleigh.
Yes we have had the joy of their companionship and we now feel the anguish of their loss.

David from NC