Rufus & Rubi

My brides of 38 years had a great genius golden retreiver named rufus(red face in latin) who could read minds and do what she wanted every time, except of couse when he saw a deer alll bets were off. My favorite memory of this great dog was in my 20 acre woods in East Texas. I was on one side of our 15 foot deep ravine which is 25 feet across. I heard rufus running chasing a great stag which leaped the ravine with ease. rufus with full confidence leap folllowing the stag. He ended up with a great splash in the creek in the ravine. I will never forget the look of pur ejoy on his face as he leptg with full confidence and did a classic Wily E Coyote fall.

He died while my bride was driving home from Austin tx after visiting our son Ted who was a student at UT. He had a bloody pericardial effusion which is always cancer in 10 year old goldens. My wife has never forgiven herself 3 years now for not being with her great friend at the end. I can always tell when she is thinking about rufus as the deep sobs are unique. we had gotten a female to breed with rufus named rubi as in rufu’s bitch. he died just beore she went into heat we found a great golden in town named bear she was bred with him and a litter of 9 pups was delivered. one of which I gave mouth to snout CPR to as it was still born. Two male pups were keep and one survives (ran away together only one returned) . Many golens at my place now but the losses stilll haunt my spouse She is reading “RESCUING SPRITE ” BUT IT IS SLOW GOING BECAUSE SHE STOPS AND CRIES EVERY OTHER SENTENCE. I AM SURE THE MESSAGE OF HOPE AND LOVE WITHIN THIS BOOK WILL START HER HEALING PROCESS.

PS The reason some liberal media guys are attaking this little gem of a book is quite simple it shows a conservative icon as a human being who laughs and loves and loses loved ones it is not bearable to see you in this light.

SP from TX