I would like to tell you about a wonderful dog that my wife and I considered our son. My wife had him since she was 12 years old, we are now both 25. Like most dog owners I’m sure my bias comes out when I say he was one of a kind. A personality all his own I’m sure he though he was human. He was always very obedient and it was almost like he could understand what you were saying. We don’t plan on having kids so he was our baby and brought life to us and our home.


His name was Rocky, he was a border collie/german shepherd mix, he loved kids and smaller dogs, and loved being a dog. He was suddenly taken from us Sunday (1/13) morning around 2am. Earlier in the night he had been acting funny and my wife an I woke up around 2am to check on him. He was breathing funny and we decided to take him to the emergency clinic. Before arriving at the clinic he had passed away in the car. While at the house we told him how much we loved him and he was a good boy. I can’t believe he is gone. I’ve lost loved ones before, but I think this has been so much worse because he was so close to us physically and emotionally. I don’t know what else to say other than he is being so missed right now. You’re a good boy rocky.


Daniel and Elisia from FL


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    Hi we have a similar story about our dog also named Rocky, who was a Sheltie, who died December 29,2007.He died suddenly like yours, and had trouble breathing. He also died in the car. His story is on Mark Levin’s site.You should check it out. We just thought it was a coincidence with your story. Sorry for your loss.