Our dog Rocky, a Sheltie, was adopted from the Humane Society when he was about a year and a half years old. And from that moment on our lives changed forever, and for the better. It was hard to fathom the possibility that someone gave up this beautiful animal, but we felt it was fate that he had come into our lives.

Rocky was amazing. He was extremely beautiful. He had an adorable face with a lovely coat of white, black, and brown. He was such a good boy, and loved the affection of his family. It will be a week since Rocky has been gone, and it is still hard to believe. He had a wonderful life, and enriched ours. He had overcome so much with medical issues, and the last 4 months were the best of his life. It was a miracle that his health and spirit improved. We believe that we gave him so much love that it restored his life. It sounds selfish, but 4 months was not enough. We wish we could hold on to him longer. We will love him forever. He touched our hearts and our lives, and for that we will be so grateful. We miss you Rocky always and forever.

The Mortman Family from FL

In memoriam: March 9,1995- December 29, 2007.