Pumpkin, Jack

My husband and I recently received the book Rescuing Sprite as a Christmas gift. Actually, it was a gift for him from his parents but I stole it and read it before he could:) Anyway, we have two dogs that we have rescued (outside dogs like Kendall grew up with). One is a pit bull mix (Pumpkin) and the other is a golden retriever (we named him Jack of the series 24). They are both beautiful dogs and relish any and every pat on the head, doggie treat, or scratch on the back they can get.


Recently, I took my dogs to a dog park in Grand Prairie. There was a man there with two chocolate labs. My dogs were frolicking around with his and Pumpkin growled and tried to take away the ball from the other two dogs. I put Pumpkin back on her leash and threw the ball to Jack as he fetched it. The owner of the other two dogs came up to me and told me he was going to shoot my dogs if I ever brought them back. Next, he told me, “I am going to call the police on you if you don’t leave.” Then he proceeded to make even more of a idiot of himself when he protested that, “Every pit bull should be put down or shot to death.” I left in a hurry as he was very angry.


I have been back to the dog park twice. What I detest the most is the idea that there are actually other dog owners that are prejudiced to dogs different from their own. I will never know why that man was so mean or unhappy. He just seemed unhappy with himself. I could tell his wife was embarrassed by his behavior but she did not say anything. I cried the whole way home wondering if he would follow me to see where I live so he could kill my dogs unsuspectingly. I was able to forgive him but I will never forget how he threatened my dogs. Luckily, I have never seen or heard anything more from him.


Shayla from TX