On cool May afternoon I went to our local Humane Society. I was walking down the row of barking dogs, and there she sat. She was very quiet, and when I approached she nuzzled up to the fence.I was in love. Here was this Pittbull that obviously had been on the street. I took her for a walk, she had kennel cough and some old scars around her head. She was so very gentle, I knew I had to take her home. She gave me such understanding and affection. Such devotion from a dog that was due to be put to sleep.


To this day I remember her attempting to jump on my bed. It would take her several attempts before she would succeed. She would rest her head on me, always needing to be close. I tried several names, none worked. One day, as she was snorting like a pig and I called her Piggy. Of course this was the name she chose. Piggy was with me for 9 years and passed away on March 17th 2000, Patty’s day. Previously in the week, while we were in the yard she laid down under a huge apple tree. This was the spot were she was buried with her favorite toys, her blanket and a letter I wrote her thanking her for loving me, protecting me and being my family. She hung on to the very end for me, her body in so much pain she had cancer. Her devotion never ceased, it was both beautiful and tragic when I held her at the end. Piggy will be in my heart forever and I am grateful to her teaching me how to truly love.


Bren from PA

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  1. Lorrie Says:

    I happened onto Mark Levin’s website and read your story. My daughter just recently aquired a pitbull at the Humane Society after losing first pitty. I picked your story out of the list because of the name of your dog. Our Freda snorts like a pig and we are deeply amused by it. She has a hard time getting up on furniture and she cannot do it without snorting like a pig. In reading your story (which brought me to tears) I felt Piggy was similar to our Freda. I hope you have a new dog in your life and creating new memories.