Petro, Cadbury, Cassie

Good afternoon Mark,

I just finished Rescuing Sprite last night. I had to send you a message to thank you for writing about Pepsi and Sprite. First and foremost – what a wonderful story! I have felt your pain and I have a similar story. The fact that you poured your heart out on paper makes me happy and it let me know that it’s okay to lose weight and be depressed over the loss of a dog. There are SO many who flat out don’t understand what it’s like. I think I handled my Grandfather’s passing better than I did my first rescued Greyhound named Petro.

I grew up with Schnauzers and wanted a dog of my own after college. I accidentally ran into a Greyhound rescue group visiting Petsmart one day in 2000. Two weeks later I adopted a seven year old male named Petro. He was beautiful, majestic, and as sweet as can be. His previous owner adopted him from the race track and had him for four years. The owner didn’t have time for him anymore. I knew there were pitfalls about adopting an older one, but there were benefits, too. Petro knew what stairs were, what mirrors were, how to walk on a leash, etc. These are all things that fresh Greys off the track are not familiar with. To make a long story short, Petro was out at a family ranch one afternoon, eight short months after adopting him running that full out, 40 mph Greyhound sprint when he broke his leg and barrel rolled across the field. He howled in pain. I FELT it. After an hour to the nearest emergency vet with his front wrist swelling by the minute, the vet advised that Petro be brought back to Dallas to a specialty vet. The vet saw Petro and after several x-rays, claimed that the reason Petro’s leg shattered was because he had Osteosarcoma all throughout his arm, shoulder, scapula. It was spreading and there was nothing that could be done. I put him down that day. I expected surgery, pins, e-collars, whatever – but not that. Afterwards, I beat myself up thinking “the leg could have been amputated! He could have had treatments! And rehab! What did I do?” I would bolt out of bed crying hysterically at all hours of the night. I took time from work. I, like you, made a photo album and kept it by my bed.

I knew that I needed help, and I knew there was a dog that needed mine. Shortly after I adopted Gable’s Cadbury aka Cadbury. A huge red and white male that was “released” from a race track in Corpus Christi. He was two. I picked him up from a lady in Ft. Worth and he had scabs everywhere, a huge puncture wound under his chin, you could count his ribs and he smelled terrible. I took him home, bathed him, cleaned his wound, fed him, talked to him and told him that I loved him already and he went straight to his new bed. I taught him stairs, leashes, mirrors, how to speak, and he is my best friend. I also adopted his half sister, Cassie aka Chica’s Gail. They are hilarious and the most loving dogs. I know you know how it is, because you’ve experienced the same thing. They also led me to a Greyhound Charity called the Greyhound Adoption League of Texas (GALT). I’ve made new friends and met the love of my life through GALT. Darrin and I have four Greys together and we volunteer quite a bit. 40 dogs came to our group off the tracks on Easter Sunday of last year. They were in such bad shape – you wouldn’t believe it. We help however we can, one dog at a time. It’s been a Godsend. Really. Darrin’s father picked your story up for us and I read it in three days. I couldn’t stop. Thank you, Mark, again for writing your story of Sprite. He is beautiful. I say “is” because you know he’s running around showing off that coat of his up there at the Rainbow Bridge. Maybe he’s met Petro. Give Pepsi and Griffen a hug for me. Thank you for giving some of the proceeds to help out the pups who need it. I can’t tell you how great I think that is!!! Take care, Mark!

If you’re ever interested in seeing what all “we” do with the retired athletes, check it out… www.galtx.org


Christy from TX

cadbury, cassie