I am new to this kind of communication but am reading your book (and going through the “decision”) and felt compelled to write. We have a mixed rescue dog that is part Newfoundland and whatever else (mostly Newfie traits!) and his name is Noofy. We’ve had him 12 years and he is the sweetest most lovable dog I’ve ever seen. I can’t but cry as I write this! He weighs in at about 55 pounds, he was about 75 in his younger years. As many big, older dogs do, he has arthritis. Just in the past day, he has really started to show huge signs of discomfort. He tries to sit and goes down about half waty then stops. Then he paces. Then he tries again. Then he paces. We have an appoitment with the vet to discuss possible meds (he’s been on baby asprin for a while but now it seems to have stopped helping). We have also had a cold spell here (the high today was34 and I know that’s hard on him). I too work at home and as I write this, he is laying and pacing beside me. My husband has asked me repeatedly how long will I allow him to suffer. I tell him until I’ve done everything humanly possible to ensure he isn’t suffering. But the thought weighs heavy. When I read what your mother said about Prince and that they let that go on too long, well….

Dog lovers are a great breed (no pun intended!). And you’re book has touched me. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried and felt like I was right there with you. Thanks for allowing me to share my story and express some of my feelings. We have three kids and when we lose Noofy, it will be awful! Two years ago, my middle child left the gate on the dog lot open and Noofy loves a chance to roam. He came home with a .22 shell in his left shoulder, barely missing major arteries. My daughter was so upset and felt so guilty. Noofy lived even more like royalty after that! We’ve had the dog longer than our kids. I only hope he knows how much love and joy he has added to our lives. I feel like in comparison, we’ve failed him.


Amy from NC