Nicole, Sierra

Dear, Mark: The Book was hard to read but it made me feel good at the same time. If any of that makes sense. I admire a grown man not being afraid to show his emotions. My husband and I had to put our Sweet Nicole down six years ago and after reading your book it felt like yesterday. I didn’t want another dog. My husband explained it the same way you do in your book. You can’t have the joy without the pain.

We now have another Husky named Sierra. She has been a pill. But I wouldn’t change her. I tried not to compare them at first, but you do. It is only natural. But I love this one just as much, if not more. I read your book and she was next to me. I cried and cried and touched her everytime I would read your kind words about Sprite. I feel sorry for people that don’t know the love of a dog. That is the true meaning of the word. Thank you for writing this book. You are a special person that I am glad I got a chance to read about. I think we would have a better world if more people could love like our dogs.

Brenda from IL