Murphy, Maxie

Hi Mark,

I finished your book last night with my trusty Miniature Schnauzer Murphy laying in bed next to me. I got Murphy from a Schnuazer rescue organization in Cincinnati 3 years ago – he was found roaming the streets of Cincinnati with his daughter. She’d probably been hit by a car judging by an injured hip that caused her quite a bit of pain and difficulty getting around. She’s since been fixed up and placed in a wonderful adoptive home. One of Murphy’s quirks is that he’s very protective of me when we go on our walks – there is no dog, big or small, that he will not stand up to. Matter of fact, he even challenges horses that cross our paths! This leads me to believe that Murphy’s time on the streets was spent protecting and caring for his daughter until they both found a better life – what a dog!

I had to say goodbye to my last Schnauzer (Maxie) several years ago. As with Spritey in your case, it was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. Shortly after that, I saw a Linda Bowles column named Remembering Odie, a tribute to her wonderful dog Odie that she and her husband Warren had to put-down several years ago. After reading Linda’s story I wrote to her; her reply to me was warm and opened a small window to show a side of her not normally seen in her politically-charged commentaries. I have a website that includes her Remembering Odie column, and a couple of the emails that she and I shared between us. If you’ve not read that column, I think you’ll enjoy it. That site is http://webpages.charter.net/maako/Linda/odie.htm

Thanks for your book. Thanks for rescuing dogs that only ask for love, food and shelter, in return for a lifetime of devotion.

Mark from MI