My Aunt Chloe sent your book to me for Christmas. She is, like me, one of the biggest dog lovers ever. Your book broke my heart to read about Sprite and reminded me of my own dear sweet Muffy. She died from small cell carcinoma in September 2006. She was a stray who came up to my house 12 years ago and never left. She was a puppy then and my daughter was 3 months old. I had a long, happy life with this dog, who bonded with me like no other dog ever has. I have always loved all of my furry friends, but this one was different, like your Sprite.

I had to make the decision to put her to sleep when she wasn’t able to breathe very well, not eating or drinking. Her last day, I picked her up and she wagged her little tail, she was so happy to see me. The whole ordeal was traumatizing and exhausting. When I read your story, I know that other people are tender-hearted like I am. Never think your grief goes unshared or is diminished by some other tragic event. Grief is grief and when it is over someone we love, there is no comfort.

My daughter encouraged me to get another dog, but I broke down at the adoption center and left them a check instead.

I decided to become a foster mother and welcomed a yellow lab into our house. I wasn’t ready to have another new dog yet. However, I though I could deal with a “temporary” dog. But after I named her after my Aunt Chloe and after she put her head on my shoulder to sleep with me every night, I have come to believe that my sweet angel Muffy send Chloe to me to help me live with the grief of losing her.

Chloe is a mess and is a delight to have around. I never go looking for dogs, God sends them to me instead.

Thank you for your book. I share your grief and pain and I am comforted in some way to know that other people have this intense love for dogs that I have.

In memory of Muffy, and in honor of both my Chloes, all the dogs before, inbetween and after, God bless you, Mr. Levin. I am glad you persevered with this book.

Marian from SC