Dear Mark,
I received your book as a christmas present from my two sons, because the love we all feel for our dog muffy. Muffy is a 11 year old lab, border collie mix. I am so sad because on new years eve she died in our house on her couch in front of her favorite window. It has only been a day since she left us but the empty whole in my heart feels like it will never leave. She was my best friend and my favorite person/animal to be around. I have never received such unconditional love in my life and she was the center of our world.


I want to take the time to thank you for writing your book, people say I received it as a gift to prepare me for what happened. In a small way it helped, I prayed to god to take her at home in peace and he did, I just didn’t thing it was going to be now.


Colleen from NY