I want to get your book for my wife as a surprise present, I just got married and we live in an apartment that does not allow dogs, so we have to leave moonshine (my wifes dog) with her mother, and sometimes my parents.
Moonshine is a small Maltese.

Last week we were visiting him over the weekend and when we left he got depressed, he stayed in bed and did not do anything till we came back later in the week after we heard that moonshine was acting this way.

Anyways love you one the radio, long time listener, you are the only news i get in the day.


Steven from NJ


3 Responses

  1. faye lawrence Says:


    for letting us know about little moonshine he is adorable…

  2. sandra bacon Says:

    I know this is a harsh thing to say but I would never in a million years rent a place that would not take my dog. I would live in a tent first. Your dog would never rent a place that didn’t allow his Mom & Dad. FIND A NEW PLACE!

  3. sandra bacon Says:

    I would never in a million years rent a place that did not allow my dog. I would live outside in a tent first. I had neighbors once who left their dog behind in the yard when they moved as there was no room for the dog in the truck! Find a new place to live that allows dogs for heavens sake! Your dog would NEVER leave you behind.