Rescuing Sprite is a wonderful book. I had a hard time getting through the part when you had to put him down. I cried and put the book down for it broke my heart. I lost my sweet German Shorthir Pointer named Montana in June of 2006. He was so specail and was one of a kind. We have a swimming pool and when the kids were swimming he would run aroound the pool and throw his tennis ball in and wait for the kids to throw it back to him. He would stay out there the entire time they were there. He had cancer and toward the end when he was weak and tired he still would run around the pool.

At the end it was so hard to watch him make his rounds around the pool because he was so weak but he would not stop. I had to make him come in so he could rest. At the time I had two other Shorthairs and while they chased squirrels all day, Montana stayed inside and followed me around the house instead of hunting like the other two. I still cry when I think about him. I feel so guilty because when we took him to the Vet to put him down I could not go in the room. I couldn’t bare the pain of watching him die. I sometimes wonder if people who are not dog lovers can begin the understand how much it hurts us when we lose our pets. I only wish God would let them stay with us for more than a few short years. I do believe dogs go the heaven and will be waiting for us.

Jan from OK