I”m not into rescuing; I’ve just always had dogs, mostly stock dog types. And most died of old age; every loss heart breaking. But when my 7 yr. old Moe died from lymphoma, now 5 years ago; I’m still “dealing” with that one.

After he was diagnosed, I had a month and a half to dwell on losing him. I was in a huge funk and could hardly function. My other two dogs wondered why we didn’t go very far on the 4-wheeler anymore.

What I miss most was Moe’s endearing habit of, whenever I would sit down on a step, rock, sometimes even the 4-wheeler, he had to come up to my left side, shove his head under my arm, and sit there with me with my arm around him—his idea.
I still have his sister; and I just wish she wanted me to put my arm around her.


Jeannie from WY