Dear Mark,

My friend gave me your book, “Rescuing Sprite” because I too have a rescue dog. Her name is Mochi. She’s a beautiful white poodle mix and is the light of my life. And, like Sprite, she has the most beautiful, soft fur I’ve ever felt.

Unfortunately, I have some very sad news. On 12/26/07, the day after Christmas, my dog sitter left the door open and let Mochi run away. I was across the country at the time visiting my family for the holidays in Wyoming (I live in Georgia) and immediately jumped on a plane that day to try to find her.

I hired a pet detective, have put flyers on mailboxes in every neighborhood in a 10 mile radius, put up 32 neon green and pink posters, contacted animal control and the shelters, put ads in the newspapers, and posted on every lost dog site I can find. I still have not found her. She still has not come home.

I am completely heartbroken and distraught. The pain I am feeling is unlike any that I could imagine. You see, my husband and I cannot have children, so my dogs are my children. Some people understand this and some don’t. That’s ok.

But, I haven’t given up hope and have faith in God and trust him completely. In the end, if he needs Mochi in heaven with him, I understand. It hurts so much but I understand.

Anyway, I guess I’m writing this because it gives me comfort to tell my story to a fellow dog lover. I know you can understand how I feel.

Thank you for your book and your work for rescue dogs. I know that those who read your story will be uplifted by it. Hopefully, I’ll have some good news one day to share with you about Mochi’s return.

Thank you.


Toi  from GA