Moby… How do I describe him? I truly believe there are masters in this world, masters that are teachers and teachers that come in all phases of thought and form. I have met a few in this lifetime that I consider “Great Teachers” and they don’t always appear in human form. Moby was a 5lb yorkshire terrier. I don’t believe I have ever met a kinder soul. This incredible little being was a true gentleman in all the descriptive senses of the word. He taught me so much. Kindness, patience, dedication, true friendship, joy, gentleness, loyalty and love. A soul, a very wise soul encompassed in a small furry body.


I question; is this why we’re here on this earth, all of us together? Are we here to learn from each other no matter what type costume our bodies are made up of? Moby had the most quiet and seemingly understanding nature. During his 14 1/2 years of life, I was forever learning from this gentle little being. Even after his stroke, he worked and struggled to still try to give me a kiss. His memory lays deeply embedded in my heart forever. Thank You Moby.
April 23, 1993 – Jan. 12, 2008


Susan from CA


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  1. faye lawrence Says:

    We had a Yorkie for 14 1/2 yrs
    and i know exactly what you are saying about
    that dog teaching all those characters..