Misty, Happy, Brandy, Emmitt and Romo

Hello Mark,

Just wanted to say thank you for making your essay into a book and sharing your story about Sprite. Not only did he touch the lives of everyone you mentioned in your book but everyone that gets the oppurtunity to read this wonderful book. Eventhough he is no longer with you he will continue to touch the lives of many people, he we also continue to touch the lives of many dogs thru the money you donate to the shelters to help make thier lives better so thank you for everything you do.

I had asked my wife to pick me up the book when it got released but she came home with a book about another dog named Merle, so I had to wait to christmas to read about how Sprite touched your lives even though she was with you for just a short time. My wife is a pediatric nurse and people always say that it must be such a tough job dealing with all the sick kids all the time but she always says that the kids that are sickest are the happiest kids she ever met and they have no worries and they enjoy every day and they put smiles on the faces everyone they meet just like sprite did to your and your family.

I have grown up with many dogs in my family from Misty my Shetland Sheepdog who protected me every day I delivered the papers, to Happy the Cocker Spaniel who always looked so sad. My grandmother found him on a beach after a hurricane one day and when she left to go home I ended up adopting him and shared my good years with him, too Brandy the Golden who died of Lymes disease at a very young age too my two crazy Puggles Emmitt and Romo that make me smile every day even when we have our toughest days, some how they know and they continue to love us no matter what mood were in.

Thank You for sharing your story, it was a joy to read about Sprite, it must have been amazing to actually know him. I hope Pepsi and Griffin are doing well and they continue to brighten you and families lives.


Gary from CT