This is “Misti” she came into my life from “Second Chance Rescue”, she was in bad shape when she was found . Her rescuers thought maybe she had been a “puppy mill mom”. She was so shy and scared that it took her a year before she would even run and play. She is the love of my life. I have always had dogs in my life and each one makes a special place in my heart.


I finished reading your book tonight and as I sat thinking about the story and drying my tears.. Misti came over, jumped up in my lap and licked my face. That;s what it is all about! Thank you for putting the spotlight on the rescue organizations and humane societies. There are so many great dogs that need homes. Thank you for adopting older dogs (Misti was 5 now she is 11) they are the last to find homes. If you haven’t already.. look up the poem “Rainbow Bridge” it is very comforting.
Take care.


MaryKay from MN