Mark, we have had special cats in the past but I must tell you re our story of our Little Kitty aka Minnie who was our baby and a very very Special Cat that we will never forget and will never be replaced. I adopted her from the District of Columbia Humane Assoc. She lived 22 years with us and had three lives.

Her first life she had disappeared for the day and I found she had one of her legs cuts up pretty bad and took her to vet immediately and was nursed back to health. From this time on she was an indoor cat.

Little Kitty’s second life she had disappeared again but this time for a two week period and my husband, John had spotted her coming home from work one evening her little six pound self jogging down the road about a mile away from our home in Crofton, Maryland at that time. I think someone tried to make her a permanent house guest but she had escaped and I am sure you have heard stories re dogs and cats finding their homes miles and miles away.

Little Kitty’s third and last life was that she had developed kidney disease and we were giving her 2 units of IV fluids in the neck six nights a week for about 3 1/2 years. She definitely loved us as much as we loved her and she didn’t want to leave us quite yet but when she had two seizures and with the second one she couldn’t get up but she tried and we knew it was time and rushed her to our fantastic vet Dr. Steve and I was with her when he put her to sleep. They all loved her at the vets and still to this day all the office staff still talk about her and what kind of remakable and special cat she was. Mark, she also had an article written about her in Cat Fancy magazine.

Lynn from MD