Millie’s Happy “Tail “

Four years ago my husband and I adopted Millie – a 9 year old Doberman from Doberman Rescue of Colorado where I have volunteered for the past 4 years. The second she walked through the door she knew she was home and of course totally took over! She had been tossed around quite a bit – her previous owner had died and the surviving spouse wanted to put her to sleep (after keeping her in the garage). Luckily a caring neighbor stepped in and took her to the rescue where she was adopted and brought back after a year because they were moving to Florida. After being in foster care for about 4 months we brought her home as a sister to our male Doberman and they really bonded and loved each other so much right from the beginning! Both of our babies have really been such an important part of our family and we have enjoyed their crazy ways so much!


Sadly, six months ago, Millie was diagnosed with lymphoma. We caught it so early that we were able to give her mild chemo treatments that didn’t alter her lifestyle at all. She had a wonderful six months after the treatment and then we had to say goodbye to her on December 1, 2007. We will forever be grateful for Millie and the joy that she brought to us during her wonderful lifetime.

Kris and Lee from CO