Midnight, Cisco, Hank and Hannah, Sissy and Peanut

I am writing for 2 reasons. The first is to tell you about my female Chow, Midnight, that I had to put down last year. She was almost 13 and I had raised her from 6 weeks of age. She was so old and had many health problems. Like you, every night I would pray that God would take her and spare me from making that decision but every morning I would get up and there she would be. It was devasting to lose her and I still miss her. I still have my Lab, Cisco, who is almost 13 years old. I have also acquired 2 Catahoula mixes, Hank and Hannah, who are brother and sister. They just turned 1 year in December.


The second reason I write to you is to tell you about what happened to my sister’s dogs this week. She lives in Tennessee. She has/had a Lab, Sissy (6 mos. old) and a Beagle, Peanut (4 mos. old). Well, her neighbor throws out food scraps and mixes it with Antifreeze to kill anything that gets in his yard. (They live in the country.) My sister’s dogs got into the food and were rushed to the vet the first of this week. The middle of the week, they had to put the Lab down. The Beagle is still hanging on and I am praying that she will make it. The Lab was given to my brother-in-law to replace the Chow he had to put down last year. He had never really gotten over that and now this has happened.


I had already read your book and on Christmas I gave it to my sister to give to her husband. At that time, I never realized just how badly they both would need your book. I can’t believe that some people are so evil. These dogs were like children and certainly did not know any better. I would not be able to stand it if someone did that to my dogs. Anyway, I drive 200 miles a drive and listen to you going home. I love your show and appreciate all you do for this country. God bless you and your family.


Debbie from TX