My husband got me this book for christmas. I sat down yesterday the 26th and for the first time ever read a book in one sitting. He listens to Hannity and heard it was an awesome book. He was right, of course I cried from about page 85 on. I used an entire box of tissues and cried so hard I couldn’t catch my breath. All the while my husband and daughter sat and played with there new xbox 360. I couldn’t believe that i couldn’t sleep after that. I couldn’t wait to write you an email.

This will probably sound crazy but I also sat down this morning at 5:30 am an emailed the Oprah Show about this book. I just wanted her to know about it if she didn’t already. We lost our mini choc poodle 3 years ago after spending thousands of dollars and thinking nothing of it, to find out what was wrong with her to no avail. We put her down 10 days before xmas and 4 days after i was on the phone with a breeder who had one female choc. poodle left. I drove down that day and picked her up. Mia is now three and in our mind a clone of our beloved cocoa. I will definetely consider rescuing after reading this book. Thank You-for my puffy eyes and all! Sincerely,

Sandra from PA