Max, Lucy, Sam, and Jack

I recieved your book for Christmas from my daughter. She knows I love my dogs as much as I love my children, they are my babies. I have rescued 4 in all so far. Max is the oldest he is 9, a lab and golden mix, Lucy is 7 a terrier and german shepard mix (or so we were told-not sure) Sam is 3 a beagle and hound mix, then there is Jack I found while camping last year, he was only 4lbs full of ticks and fleas I took him home to find him a home, well he found a home at our house.


They all get along so well, if one has to go the vet the others are very anxious until they come home. They sleep on our king size bed with us except Max, he gets too hot. Your book was wonderful, brought tears to my eyes, as my Max is getting older and has started having problems with his joints, we have to put him on meds some in the winter months. I will have all my dog loving friends read this. Thank you for such a great read.


Rebecca from MO