Just finished reading about Sprite & loved it. Two yrs ago, a few mos before losing my husband to lukemia, I had to give him the bad news that we had to put his beloved huge Rottweillet Max to sleep. That was not good news while lying in a hospital knowing that your days were numbered also. Being a diabetic, we had given him shots every day for several yrs. Then two mos later, my husband died. I moved from Houston to a small TX town, Brenham.


One day my daughter & granddaughter came in & told me they wanted me to go with them to Austin. We went to a Sheltie adoption home to ck out a pup that had been rescued for the hurricane Rita. I loved her w/one look. Today I do not know what I would do w/o her. Evidently, she had been abused since she was afraid of spray cans, a pat on the head etc. She is much better now w/love & devotion from my family. But, she also has pancreatitus, which we didn’t know about until after adoption. On a special diet, I have that under control. But, I went through all of the asso. visiting me etc. I am an “after school” tutor & have such joy to know that my Shelley will meet me at the door after working with little kids for several hours every day. Thank you for a wonderful and “tear-jerking” book.


Mary from TX