Mattie, Chubbs

Hi Mark,

I have to admit I am not someone who’s listened to you forever. My Dad actually turned me on to you and I’m glad he did. He knows how I feel about animals (dogs in general) and told me how awesome you were and how much of a dog lover you are.

So here I am! I’m hooked!

I have 2 dogs but would love to have more. My oldest dog is named “Mattie”. She is a 7 year old Jack Russell and hates all other dogs, except my other dog, “Chubbs”. Chubbs is a 4 year old fox terrier/chow mix and boy is he a sweetheart. He has a personality all his own. I have my own business here at home so I’m here with my dogs everyday. They follow me from room to room and go with me everywhere in the car. My youngest son, who is 14, says all the kids call me the “dog lady”. It really bothers him but it doesn’t bother me. I told him I don’t think that’s such a bad thng. I told him dogs are better than people most of the time anyway. I love my dogs more than anything. I told my husband when I die I want my dog’s ashes put in with mine. He thinks I’m crazy but I’m completely serious. I like the quote from Will Rogers which goes something like this “if they don’t allow dogs in heaven, I want to go where they go”. I sure hope they allow dogs in heaven because I want to be in charge of them all!

I could go on and on but I know you’re a busy guy. My nusband bought your book for me and I had him get another for my sister-in-law who recently had to put her dog down after 14 years of a happy life. I could tell she was still grieving so I thought your book would help. I’m not finished with it yet, I’m only in the beginning but I love it so far. You sound exactly like me with your dogs. My husband was also reluctant to let me have a dog and now we have 2 so that’s not too bad. I feel the same as you though, as far as going to the shelters. I have often thought of volunteering there but I”m afraid my heart couldn’t take it. It would be breaking everyday! I told myself if I ever win the lottery I’m gong to open a “no kill” shelter. Until that day though, I just try to keep my eyes peeled for any animal being mistreated and reporting it immediately. We all have to remember….dogs have no voice, they depend on us to speak for them and I vow to help as many as I can.

Thanks for letting me share my story with you. You are an awesome guy.

Your dog-loving friend,


Melody from KY