Dear Mark,

I read Rescuing Sprite in 2 days, I absolutely loved the book! My dog Lazarus is 14 and I love him beyond words. I got Lazarus at a rescue shelter in Houston TX. He and his brother were abandoned and basically left in house to die. I walked in the shelter unsure if I was up to really taking care of a very sick puppy. I was going through a very difficult time in my life but it was suggested to me by a friend that a dog may be just the thing I need. I saw Lazarus, he was this little puppy that was about 5 weeks old, taken from his mom too soon. He was flea infested, thin, just a mess. I picked him up and held him and I fell in love, but I was nervous I did not know if I was up to this. At the time I had prescription sunglasses and I NEVER left them anywhere they were always with me. I put a deposit on Lazarus and told the shelter I would let them know by Monday, it was Saturday. After I thought about it I became more unsure of what I had done then I realized I left my glasses at the shelter and I HAD to go back. There waiting for me with tail wagging was Lazarus, I said to him “let’s go home” It absolutely was meant to be. Lazarus has brought such unbelievable love and joy into my life.


I made a vow too that whoever, if I was to meet someone in the future that they either bond with Lazarus or they are out. My husband bonded with Lazarus. My daughter since they day she was born they have a unbelivable relationship, Lazarus is her “brother!”Lazarus has had medical problems his entire life because of his horrible entrance into the world. Now because of his age his health is not so great. His heart is healthy but he has become deaf and can only see shadows very bad arthritus and stomach problems. Lazarus still will get a “wild hair” we call them when he runs around the house like crazy but now the house and become about 2 feet. I still love seeing it. My heart went out to you when you had to put Sprite out of his pain. I told my vet that she is going to have to tell me because I don’t think I can do it. Like you I pray that God takes Lazarus when he is sleeping. The Vet thinks that he may have 2 more years it seems so short when I have had him for so long. I know that I am blessed for all the time that I have had and still having. I am so glad that you and Kendall got Griffen. He is the luckiest dog in the world just like Sprite and Pepsi. Your entire family is so special I am so glad that you wrote this book. I had Lazarus next to me while I read and I cried so hard in the end. Thank you for putting your feelings and words on paper it helps more than you will ever know. I am going to try to attach a picture of Lazarus but I am not very savvy with picture attachments. Thank you and your family again for sharing such a personal and loving story.
Most Siincerely,


Maryanne from FL