Lady, Chloe, Annabell, Molly

Mark, I finished your book in one sitting and with a very wet t-shirt! Tears flowed from my eyes. Im going to lend this book to my mom tomorrow.

I have always grown up with dogs. We had one special girl named Lady, she passed in her sleep last year. She was over 15 years old and for a goldie thats good many years. Lady was a very broad goldie and never minded when children crawled onto her back. She loving cleaned the beagles in the house that were brought in after her. If fact we had two litter’s of puppies and Lady was like a mom to them.

When I moved out of my parents house. I went to the local shelter and got my Chloe Bug. She has a thyroid problem now but we are in the path of correcting it. Two years after Chloe, Annabell was dropped off in the middle of winter (6 wks old mind u) in the middle of my town. I begged my then boyfriend to get her and bring her home to me. He did and now she’s (hopefully) pregnant with her first litter. She is the calmest, beagle I have known,She will look deeply into your eyes as if to say I feel you. Then I found my Miss Molly (muttly) walking down my street over a year ago. I wouldnt know where to be without my dogs. I wouldnt have got through the times I had without them.


I lost a cousin 8 years ago to a tragic car wreck and my dogs always seem to bring me out of the depressive state I get into during the anniversary. They have their antics, and attitudes. I just had to break up a small squabbled before I sat down and wrote this. Thank you for sharing everything you did. For opening up your hearts and allowing millions to see and feel what you did.



Ashley from OH

the girls