Lady & Buster

Not sure where to begin… Lady is her name..a rescue from the humane society..sweet as can be…black lab..mix…the kindest dog i’ve ever seen..not sure of exact age but got her when she was about 3…so now vet is guessing..12. Mark i had just finished your book on the 4th of jan…what an excellent book…you are a carbon copy of my family and how much we love and value our dogs…and our family..your book put a lot in perspective for me..thankyou from the bottom of my heart..for writing this wonderful story and sharing your grief with us..I’ve never been without a dog..and prob. never will..so i have gone through the grief of losing pets way too many times…but the years of happiness they give me is beyond words.


This brings me back to my Lady…i was hugging her the other nite (mind u i do this quite often,, but even more since reading your book).and felt a horrible lump in lady’s leg…being in the medical field i feared the worst…but hoped it was only a sore that had gotten infected…went to work next day..while my husband took Lady to the vet…well i got the dreaded call while in a meeting…it was a tumor…well ok lets get it taken off…not that easy…her chest inside was x-rayed only to find numerous more tumors…inoperable…i found this out last nite…so i slept with her by my side all night…now this morning she looks frail and her breathing is a bit labored..although she is trying to keep up with Buster our 3 yr. old dog..But even Buster senses her tiredness.. he has been licking her and sitting by her more often today…so endearing how they communicate their love…the vet gives her about 2 wks…i notice her pacing more and more…but she still looks so beautiful.


My heart is aching beyond belief…but in reading your book…i feel some peace knowing that i gave her a wonderful life…you are truly a blessing to me..i got your book for Christmas..and read it just now is 2 days..now i am going through the same feelings you did with your precious Sprite…My chest feels like a weight is on it and its going to explode…i look around and know that very soon i won’t see her anymore in the spots she loves so much…i too asked God to just take her in the night..but for some reason God wants me to be with her a little bit longer because she was up and in my face this morning with what always looked like a “gentle smile”.

This will be a difficult next few weeks, but through God and through love of family i will get through this..i love my dog she is so beautiful and so sweet…mark thankyou for showing the softer side of you..and thankyou for writing this amazing book.
Your Sprite was a beautiful dog… and my Lady will soon meet him over the Rainbow Bridge..


Barbara from ME