In October after several years of asking my wife to get me a basset hound got me one from a friends neighbor. She was badly mistreated, with a flea infestation, mange, bad diet. We fell in love with her instantly. As soon as we got her we took her to the vet to have her checked out. He gave us medication for the fleas, mange, gave her a rabies shot and tested her for heart worms. She had them and we bagan treatment right away.


Over the last 3 months we have done everything that we could for her, we got rid of her fleas, and her hair had all come back nicely. She was always well loved and gave love to everyone in my family. On Jan 3 2008 she lost her fight with heart worms. I had heard Mark talk about Sprite on the radio, and I knew some of what he was going through, but I was sure that my “Lady” would pull through. I didn’t know that I could fell such loss as I am feeling over her.


I have not read Mark’s book yet, but plan to now. After listening to him talk about “Sprite” I know he will have a good insite. I am mad at the person who mistreated her, but I know that she was happy and well loved for the time she spent with us.


Matthew from TX