Kirby, Kandy

Dear Mark,

I have composed this email so many times in the middle of a sleepless night, and it was never good enough so I never sent it. But now I think it is the time, good or bad, for whatever it is worth.

I am a 39 year old Christian, married, stay at home, animal loving (but sadly not vegetarian), homeschooling, conservative Republican, MBA-educated, Hannitized, successful Internet business owning, mother of three. I have worked hard for a long time and I have strong views that I keep to myself for the most part, because I left out that I am non-confrontational. Not a good combination, I know.

I have two major issues right now. First, for the last 16-1/2 years I have had my beautiful sheltie Kirby (named after Kirby Puckett and I can’t believe he outlived him) to be with me through the good and the many hard times. Last year I had to have his 12-year old best friend Kandy put to sleep when she was near death and our talented veterinarian had done everything possible to save her. She was my heart and soul and I thought I was dying when I lost her. Nobody understood. Let me just say that you are SO lucky to have Kendall there with you to understand. She is a Godsend. I was completely alone in this other than God pulling me through.

Kirby is not doing very well now (he is my Pepsi) and I read Rescuing Sprite (per Hannity) on New Year’s Day from 1:30 a.m. to 4:00 a.m., because I knew I would cry and I wanted to read it while my kids were sleeping. I can’t tell you what a blessing it was to me to find that there was someone else who had the depth of emotion I had about their animal companions(I was always afraid it was bordering on idolatry). Animals are what make life on this earth bearable, as well as our children of course, but animals’ love is unconditional just like God’s. I think that’s why He gave them to us. I am wrestling with Kirby’s final days now as he is having seizures periodically and is almost blind and deaf. Most people I know wonder aloud why I let him go on (in their infinite wisdom) but he is able to snuggle with me and love me so we hang on. Please pray that I will make the right decisions and survive the experience alone when the time comes.

Finally, I am absolutely passionate about our Constitution and I am following our election news closely. I registered Republican when I was 18 because of my dad, Michael L. Parsons, who authored Global Warming: The Truth Behind the Myth. He was an amazing scientist who was tragically taken from us before his time, in 2000 – three days after my son was born. In 2006 I was watching the election issues and decided that global warming would be huge (I’m not sure I’m seeing that as of yet but I’m sure it will come up). I read my dad’s book again and remarkably even though it was published in 1995, it is still very timely. There is a possibility that some computer model info is slightly dated due to the quick advance in computers, but that is not the cornerstone argument of the book.

I wanted to e-mail you, Sean Hannity, and Rush, and see if there was any way to get an endorsement for a reprint from Plenum Publishing, with foreword. My dad was a visionary, well before his time on this issue, when Gore was at his peak. I want to honor my dad’s legacy as well as inform the public on this frustrating issue that nobody seems to understand! I am a young-earth creationist and my dad was not, as evidenced in his book. This takes nothing away from the message of the book as far as I’m concerned, and in no way hinders me from my passion of carrying on his message.

I do not know how many copies of the book were originally printed, but I know that it is very hard to get a copy now. I bought every single copy I could get from amazon.com, which was only five, so I could loan them to people instead of my treasured autographed copy. I have three copies that I can send to you, Sean, and Rush. If you are willing to read and consider the book, please let me know where I can send it (of course I do not expect it to be returned, just passed on). If you choose not to, I will understand and still be a wholehearted supporter of yours. I would be remiss if I did not pursue this because it has kept me up for so many nights and my dad worked so hard for an issue that was too little recognized at the time.

The work you do is amazing and I hope that the “voices of truth” never leave our airwaves. You are constantly reminding Americans what a blessing it is to be here. Please don’t stop your work for this cause. You guys are awesome!

God Bless You,

Erin from CA