Dear Mark,

I read your book and had to put it down 5 or more times to wipe my tears. I am a retired cop who lost many friends on 9,11. I went through many months of dipression, I was withdrawn and had a very hard time dealing with what had happened and the loss of many friendsAnd then Kia my sheltie came into my life: She instantly lifted my spirits and brought such joy into my life. The unconditional love and sweetness filled my heart and renewed my soul.

There is not a day goes by that I dont thank god for bringing her to me. Im retired now and spend every day with her and will cherish every day of her life. Your book touched me, and made me love her even more if that is possible. Thank you for sharing your story and my prayers and sympathy is with you and your family over your lost sprite God bless you.

Dominick from NJ